ULLL Registration

Upcoming and Active ULLL Registration Activities

Upcoming: ULLL 2021 Spring Season Registration:

ULLL is planning to hold its 2021 Spring Season as planned starting in mid-March 2021. Information on the ULLL's Spring Season can be found on the ULLL’s new website at: https://www.ulll.org/program-info/spring-season/

Due to COVID-19's impact on our community, ULLL is currently unsure of the regulations / start dates surrounding the 2021 Spring Season.  As such, ULLL 2021 Spring Season Registration will work as follows:

  1. Players will be registered to participate in the Spring Season by placing a $20 (non-refundable) player fee. This fee will show up as an installment payment at the end of the registration process.  Please only pay the installment (which will be $20/player). This fee will enable the ULLL to place orders for the equipment necessary to ensure a season can be enacted as soon as we are given the go-ahead by Little League International, the Commonwealth of VA, and Loudoun County PRCS.
  2. Once the season is verified, all registered players will be contacted and the final fee amounts will be set and collected. ULLL endeavors to keep the 2021 Spring Season Fees similar to those used in previous seasons -- namely the same as the previous Early Spring Season Registration Fees (with multi-player family discounts in place) + the County Particpation (per) Player Fee.

If you have questions, please contact your ULLL area representative for more info.