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Upcoming and Active ULLL Registration Activities

ULLL 2020 Volunteer Registration (for the Fall 2020 Season):

Due to changes and regulations surrounding COVID-19, ULLL is requesting that all prospective volunteers re-fill out the ULLL Volunteer Form.  Note: Those who have not completed the Little League background check from JDP will receive an email from JDP with a link directing them to the required background check.  Upon completion of the JDP background check and approval, volunteers will be eligible to participate in ULLL related activities.  If you have questions, please contact your ULLL area representative for more info.

Important -- When filling out this form, YOU (the volunteer applying) are the "player" being registered.  Please fill out the Volunteer form as you (the volunteer), do not fill out the form for your player.  That way, the appropriate info is in the registration database.  If you have questions, please contact the ULLL Vice President (vicepresident@ulll.org) or ULLL Information Officer (information@ulll.org).