ULLL Player Registration

Upcoming and Active ULLL Registration Activities

Upcoming: ULLL 2021 Summer All-Stars and Invitational Team Registration:

Every year, ULLL fields All-Star teams -- from the American League (encompassing the Purcellville South and Round Hill Areas) and the National League (encompassing the Hamilton / Purcellville North Area and Lovettsville) -- to represent our league and showcase the talents of players from ULLL. There are two types of All-Star tournaments: the LL International tournament and Invitational tournaments. Between those two types of tournaments, ULLL works to provide post-season opportunities to as many players as possible to represent our leagues on the All Star teams.

To participate on any of the ULLL’s All-Star teams, players must register during the All-Star Registration period. Players must also demonstrate that they meet the criteria established by the Little League, which includes the LL “Residency Eligibility Requirement” and Regular Season Game Eligibility requirements (See Little League Rulebook for further information on these requirement.

The ULLL is planning to hold its 2021 Spring Season as planned starting in mid-March 2021. Information on the ULLL's Spring Season can be found on the ULLL’s new website at: https://www.ulll.org/program-info/ulll-all-stars-tournaments/

If you have questions, please contact your ULLL area representative for more info.