Norris Beavers LL All-Stars Invitational Tournament

LL BB age 9-11 and 10-12 year old Tournament


The Norris Beavers Little League All-Stars Invitational Tournament is designed to provide an opportunity for players on invited teams to play additional All-Star baseball games beyond those that are a part of the Little League International tournament. Specifically, this tournament will enable players who invested weeks of practice and effort in preparation for the District tournament to have opportunity to play additional games, regardless of their performance in the District tournament.

Summer 2017 marked the first year the ULLL has established the tournament, and Summer 2018 the ULLL invited teams participating in this year’s VA District 16 9-11 yr old and the 10-12 yr old All-Stars tournaments to participate. In subsequent years, it is the ULLL's hope to continue to hold the tournament for these age groups and additional teams.

That said, if your team would be provisionally interested in participating in this tournament in future years, please email the ULLL President (, ULLL Vice President ( and ULLL Player Agent (

Tournament Results

  • 2018:   Champion: Central Loudoun LL, Runner-Up: Upper Loudoun LL
  • 2017:   Champion: Central Loudoun LL, Runner-Up: Loudoun South LL

Tournament Format

The current tournament format includes two parts — pool play and a championship game. The pool play portion of this year's tournament consists of one pool. Teams will play four games within their respective pools. After completion of pool play, the teams final seeding will be based on a point system and seeding criteria (see below). Then, there will be a championship game for the top two seeded teams (following pool play) to end the tournament.

Point System

During pool play, points shall be awarded after each game based on the following: Win = 2 pts, Tie = 1 pt, Loss = 0 pts

Seeding Criteria

To determine seeding after pool play, the following criteria will be used:

  1.  Highest point total in Pool Play
  2.  Most wins in Pool Play
  3.  Head to Head Record (only when tie is between two teams)
  4.  Fewest Total Runs Allowed in Pool Play
  5.  Highest Total Run Differential (Total Runs Scored less Total Runs Allowed) in Pool Play
  6.  Random Draw (flip of a coin by Tournament Director)

Note: If more than two teams are tied for determining a seed, once a single team has been determined with the criteria above, the procedure will start over with Criteria 1 for the remaining tied teams.

Tournament Schedule

Games are generally planned for two of three nights each week (Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday) and Saturday.  Pool play games will be completed on third week in July and bracket play/Championship the last week in July/early August.