ULLL Umpires,

We are going to be holding two field clinics this March for all new and junior umpires to attend and have a scrimmage with a team scheduled as well.

All new and junior umpires are encouraged to attend these events to get a better understanding of what is required to umpire a game.

Please attend at least one of the field clinics and one of the scrimmages if possible. We will be handing out the equipment and shirts that are available at the clinics.


The field clinics will go over the following:

  • Umpire Equipment
  • Pregame and Postgame Meetings
  • Equipment Checks
  • Plate Conference
  • Umpire Calls & Signals
  • Field Mechanics

The scrimmages will be a chance for you to practice what you learn at the clinics in game situations under supervision and in a relaxed environment.


Umpire Field Clinics

March 12, 2022 1 – 5 pm at Haske Field

March 19, 2022 1 – 5 pm at Haske Field



March 20, 2022 1 and 3 pm at Haske Field


Please let me know if you have any questions,

Chris Kerley

ULLL Umpire In Chief