2020 Summer Season Registration Available Now (until Saturday, 27 June at 11:59 PM)!

Hi everyone –

First, if you have a player that already assessed and was selected to the ULLL’s Rookies division for the Spring 2020 season, Summer 2020 Registration is currently open until Friday, 27 June 2020 at 11:59 PM. Please go to the ULLL web site (www.ulll.org/registration) and register for the 2020 ULLL Summer Season Registration. If you have any questions about the Summer season, please reach out to myself or our information officer (information@ulll.org) and we will try to answer any questions you may have.


Additionally for families of Baseball Age 7 yr olds (those players born from 1 Sept 2012 and 31 August 2013):

Recently, we have been contacted by a few families with Baseball 7 yr olds that did not assess this Spring who had players interested in participating in the Summer 2020 season. This summer, ULLL is offering the Kid Pitch only divisions (Rookie, AA / AAA, Majors) for the Summer season, and made arrangements to include those Baseball 7 yr olds that have already assessed and were accepted into the ULLL’s Rookie division this past Spring.

However, given that there is interest by some families with Baseball 7 yr olds who did not assess this past Spring and want to determine whether their player can participate, the ULLL Board voted yesterday (Saturday, 20 June 2020) to allow all interested Baseball 7 yr olds to participate in the Summer 2020 *only* if they have already assessed or plan to attend an assessment and demonstrate that they can safely participate this summer.

As a result, if you have a Baseball 7 yr old who would like to assess and determine if they are able to participate in the ULLL’s Rookies division this Summer – they must attend a *by invitation only* assessment to make this determination.

So… to obtain an assessment time, please email me (playeragent@ulll.org) directly and request an assessment. I will be scheduling these assessments on a *by invitation basis* between Monday (22 June) and Saturday (27 June). Please provide the following information when you email me:

  • Your player’s full name and birthdate
  • Their ULLL Fall 2019 team (if N/A… write N/A)
  • Their ULLL Spring 2020 team (if N/A… write N/A)
  • The dates / times you are available for an assessment – include day times this week too!

    I will write you back with a day / time / location for your player’s assessment. Please make sure to be at the field at that time… otherwise, I won’t be able to perform the assessment and your player will not be eligible for the Summer 2020 season.


    Additionally, we need volunteers to manager teams. If you haven’t already done so, please contact Kerry (president@ulll.org) and let him know if you are interested in managing. All ULLL Volunteers for the 2020 Summer season must fill out the ULLL Volunteer form located on the ULLL Registration page (www.ulll.org/registration). If you have any questions, please ask!

    Thank you for your previous registrations in ULLL and we look forward to serving your family in the Summer. If you do not wish to receive further Emails from ULLL, please send an email to Cy (at information@ulll.org) requesting removal from our mailing list.

    Hope to see you around the diamond this Summer!

    Mario Valenti
    ULLL Player Agent, playeragent@ulll.org
    Upper Loudoun Little League, www.ulll.org