ULLL COVID-19 Update – 01 MAY 2020 – Refunds and Summer Baseball

ULLL Families,

I hope that you and your family are well and continuing to stay safe.

I am sure many of you heard Little League International’s announcement yesterday afternoon of the decision to cancel the 2020 Little League World Series. While this decision ultimately only applies to postseason tournament play, Little League encourages us to resume baseball locally once we are cleared by health officials to do so. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, ULLL is acting consistent with these recommendations and is making arrangements to start a revised Spring/Summer 2020 season as soon as we are allowed to do so.

As I informed you previously, the ULLL Board decided to suspend the spring season and plan for a separate revised Spring/Summer 2020 season if/when we are able to resume play. We also promised to refund every dime not already spent for the Spring 2020 season that cannot be recovered. Costs that cannot be recovered specifically include Little League-related fees, TeamSnap subscription fees, skills assessment costs, and practice baseballs already distributed to spring managers. We also have costs for some of the player jerseys—but we are NOT passing those costs on to you (we were able to cancel a large portion of the order—specifically coach pitch jerseys, t-ball jerseys, and coach shirts—and we are hoping that sponsorship money and donations will be able to cover remaining costs).

As a result, ULLL is refunding all Spring 2020 Player Registration fees except $25 per player.

As we began the refund process earlier this week, we have experienced two hiccups:

  • First, getting refunds processed has proved to be more difficult than anticipated because our legacy registration system will not permit refunds to the credit cards used for registration at this time. We are working with the vendor to have the problem corrected, and we apologize for the delay in having the refunds processed.
  • Second, Little League International also announced yesterday that they will be crediting some of the fees we paid, and this could further reduce the per player cost that ULLL retains from spring registration fees. Thank you for your continued patience as we strive to get refunds back to you.  We will find a way to make it work.

Additionally, some of you have contacted us and graciously offered to donate your refund to the league to offset costs not specific to the spring season. If this is your wish, please send an e-mail to information@ulll.org with “REFUND DONATION” in the subject line.  Please include the registered player(s) name(s) in the body of the e-mail.

ULLL is currently preparing a summer baseball registration using a new registration system.  We intend to run a recreational program at a cost that will (hopefully) be affordable to everyone who wants to play.  Although we currently anticipate this summer program to cost more than $65/player (plus county fees), we are currently planning to set the Spring/Summer registration fees at $50/player (plus county fees), and trust that donations will cover the balance.  Some of you have asked about transferring registration fees from the spring season, but ULLL is keeping the registrations separate because of the new system and to allow us to fully close the books on the spring season.  To enable proper planning, we will open the Spring/Summer season registration as soon as we can. Upon opening, registration fees will be 100% refundable until the decision is made as to whether we can hold a summer season. Once the decision to proceed with the season is made, the registration fees will be fully non-refundable as our operational costs will exceed the amounts collected for the summer season, as noted above, and the vast majority of these operational costs are incurred before the players even set foot on the field. In short, if there is no summer season, 100% refundable; if there is a season, non-refundable.

Thanks again for your patience and encouragement as we get through these challenges together, though apart.  We so look forward to the day when everyone will be able to enjoy the kids playing baseball in western Loudoun again!

Kerry Rice
Upper Loudoun Little League