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Little League Baseball Bat Standards to Change in 2018

(Updated 11/8/17)

While it is not a requirement we know that many parents purchase a bat for their child to use in practices and games.  For that reason we want to let you know that Little League International (which includes Upper Loudoun Little League) has adopted the USA Baseball Bat Standard which will begin on January 1, 2018. 

Click here to view the announcement on the standard including Frequently Asked Questions.

Most recently purchased bats should meet this standard but you should review the announcement to be sure.  If your bat does not meet this standard you can still use it for the Fall season.

If you are planning on purchasing a bat for the current season please review the announcement first to verify that you purchase a bat that can still be used in 2018.  ULLL will also be checking it's inventory of bats as well.

Please click here to go to the USABat web site to view the list of approved bats.