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ULLL will conduct playoff games for the Majors and AAA teams & a tournament for the AA teams.  All dates/times/field locations are subject to change due to inclement weather and other factors beyond our control.

Please select the playoff/tournament brackets from the following list (PDF format):

NOTE: All dates/times are subject to change and the brackets will be updated as needed.
Majors/AAA Seeding

Seeding for the Majors and AAA playoffs will be determined at the end of the season based upon team standings.  Please note that the standings on the web site are unofficial.  For the Majors and AAA playoffs, we will seed teams using the following tie-breaking procedures:

  1. Winning percentage, all games.
  2. If still tied, head-to-head record of tied teams
  3. If still tied, winning percentage in games against the same league (AL/NL)
  4. If still tied, least average runs allowed in head-to-head play of the tied teams
  5. If still tied, least average runs allowed for the season
  6. If still tied, coin toss


  • Games that are scheduled and not played may be considered a loss for both teams for seeding purposes.
  • Suspended games due to a tie score count as one half a win and one half a loss
  • Suspended games do not count as games played for all-star eligibility.