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Past/Present/Future Umpires of ULLL;
Welcome to the beginning of the 2018 Little League Season. My name is Jimmy Hill and I am the new UIC for ULLL. I am teaming up with Amanda Rohs, as the Deputy UIC. I would like to thank Chris Kerley for what he has done for the position of UIC. As you can tell it's going to take two of us to fill the shoes he has stepped out of. Luckily, he is still going to umpire and hopefully be a part of the training we provide each and every one of you.

I will be announcing clinics and providing other information in the Umpire Events and Resources tab under the Umpires menu on the ULLL web site.  Please check this link periodically for new and updated information.

Jimmy Hill
Umpire in Chief
Upper Loudoun LL