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2020 ULLL Player Assessment Information
by posted 02/15/2020

First, welcome to the ULLL 2020 Spring Season! We are very excited to get this season underway. 


As such, the ULLL 2020 Spring Rookie / AA / AAA / Majors Skills Assessments are scheduled for: 

Sat/Sun, 22 & 23 February 2020 @ Fielders Choice (in Purcellville, VA)

The ULLL Spring 2020 Skills Assessments are for players that are baseball ages 9-12 yr olds and invited 8 and 7 yr
olds for this year’s ULLL Spring Assessments.

This year's Assessment schedule can be found here: ULLL 2020 Spring Player Assessment Schedule


Players are assigned to Skills Assessment groups according to the following three pieces of information:
-- Player's Area
-- Baseball Age Group (i.e., the player's age on 31 August 2020)
-- Player's Last Name

Using this information should help you determine when your child should attend Skills Assessment.

For those with baseball 7 yr olds or 8 yr olds who indicated during the player registration process that they wanted their player to assess for Rookie or AA, they will receive a seperate email confirming their player's invite to the player assessments. If you have questions as to whether you registered your baseball 7 or 8 yr child for assessments, feel free to contact the ULLL's Player Agent (at ). Note: All Baseball 9, 10, 11, and 12 yr olds are invited and expected to attend assessments.


The ULLL's Spring 2020 Player Assessment will be held at Fielder's Choice is located in Purcellville, VA -- here's the facility's website: http://www.fcpurcellville.com.

The ULLL would like to extend a special thank you to Dan Miles and the Fielder's Choice staff for allowing us to use the facility this year (and in year's past). If you have questions or would like more information about the facility and programs / activities offered, you can obtain information from the website (http://www.fcpurcellville.com) or at the front desk as you enter.

a) Here's a map link (from Google) -- Fielder's Choice Address:
Fielder's Choice
37307 E. Richardson Lane
Purcellville, VA 20132

b) Prior to participating in activities at Fielder's Choice, every player (that hasn't already done) so must fill out the Skills Assessment Waiver form prior to participating in Skills Assessments. If this form is not completed, your player can not participate in the ULLL's Skills Assessments this year. A link to this waiver will be included in a follow-on email.


c) Equipment needs:
-- Players should wear tennis shoes and bring their baseball gloves
-- Players should NOT bring: Cleats, baseball bats, baseballs, helmets, their baseball bags, etc. (bats, baseballs, helmets, etc will be supplied for assessments)
-- Recommendation: Players should wear comfortable clothing (such as sweat pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, or alike) since players will be running and moving around during the assessments

d) Click here for the Spring Skills Assessment Schedule (also available on the ULLL website).

Every player should take note of the following:
-- Your designated league area (Hamilton / Purcellville North, Lovettsville, Purcellville South, Round Hill); if you have questions about your area, please email your area reps (emails are available on the ULLL's Board Contact Page):
-- Patrick Awenowitz (Hamilton / Purcellville North)
-- Pat Bogdan (Lovettsville)
-- John McClintic (Purcellville South)
-- Steve McIntosh (Round Hill)

IMPORTANT: Players MUST come to their assigned assessment time as the assessment schedule was done in mind to keep each session small and keep the assessment schedule on-time.

-- Players who show up early will be asked to wait until their assessment time.
-- Players who show up late MAY be asked to attend the make-up sessions
-- Players who are unable to make their times MUST email (playeragent@ulll.org and information@ulll.org) requesting a change of time / accommodation by Thursday, 20 February at 11:00 PM; an email response will be provided indicating whether the accommodation is possible

e) All BB 9yo, 10yo, 11yo and 12yos must attend the Skills Assessments. Additionally, all BB 7 yo and 8 yos who requested to be considered for the kid pitch divisions on their registration form must also attend assessments. There will be a re-draft at the Majors level in both leagues (AL and NL) this year. 

At the end of the day, the ULLL wants the best baseball experience for every player regardless of their age. As such, the Spring Skills Assessments will be used to assess each player's skill level in order to provide each player the best baseball experience for their abilities.

Thanks again for your participation in ULLL this season, and we look forward to seeing you and your player(s) soon!


Mario Valenti
ULLL Player Agent, playeragent@ulll.org
Upper Loudoun Little League, www.ulll.org

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Little League Baseball Bat Standards
by posted 11/17/2019

While it is not a requirement we know that many parents purchase a bat for their child to use in practices and games.  For that reason we want to let you know that Little League International (which includes Upper Loudoun Little League) has adopted the USA Baseball Bat Standard which began on January 1, 2018. 

Click here to view the announcement on the standard including Frequently Asked Questions.

Most purchased bats with the USA Baseball Sticker should meet this standard, but you should review the announcement to be sure. 

If you are planning on purchasing a bat please review the announcement first to verify that you purchase a bat that meets this standard.

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ULLL is looking for umpires
by posted 11/17/2019

It is a warm spring evening, the grass has just been cut, and the clean smell of freshly raked earth permeates the air. The senses are on overtime.

There is a routine rhythm to putting on the equipment. The shin guards, the chest protector, check the mask, the shoes are polished. In the near distance you can hear the kids talking, the parents are filing in. The lights are warming up as the sun slowly falls to the western sky. It is almost time. Last minute talks with your partner and the walk to the field. The stomach churns, the mind races through the scenarios that may occur. The gate squeaks as you and your partner walk on the field. It is now yours.

The fans and players look to see you stride toward the dugout. Coaches watch as you inspect the equipment, players say “hey blue”. It is baseball, America’s pastime, and you are in charge. You hear the coaches yell last minute instructions to the players, the pop of ball hitting gloves as the defense warms up. “Coaches to the plate”. The plate conference, ground rules, lineup. Your partner heads to first; you pull the brush, clean the plate. Everything looks in place. The first batter walks nervously to the plate. You tap the catcher on the helmet-“you ready”, ”yes sir”,” batter you ready”, “yes sir”. You check with your partner, he gives you the sign. You look at the pitcher and tell him “Play ball”.

The game begins and you are the plate umpire. The game needs you and so do we. ULLL wants and needs umpires. Young men or women 13 or older are wanted to umpire Little League in western Loudoun. It is a great way to be a part of the game, have a good time and make a few dollars as well.

Upper Loudoun Little League is very proud of our officials, the young and not so young, that makes this game work so well. Training is provided in our preseason clinics, on and off the field. Some of the best adults in the area help you learn, most of who have been to state or regional playoffs, and some who have even gone to the Little League World Series. One of our recent rookies, Reid Joyner, completed Pro-Umpire School in Florida and is working his way up through the minors. We are quite proud of him.  Join our ranks and be the next to start and possibly become a pro umpire-or just have a good time on a spring day.

If interested, please Email the Umpire in Chief, Jim Hill

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